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25 November 2019

3 Key Points to Μake Your Own Store

So you made the big decision to open your own catering store! You have the passion, knowledge and experience on food service and the only thing you miss is the place where you can start your business!

These are the 3 basic key points you need to consider before finding the proper space:



The starting point for finding the right food area is the definition of the industry. Things get more specific when we want to set up a food store, but there are still many health safety requirements. A pastry shop has different specifications of arestaurant or a coffee shop.

Therefore, the business definition should be clear and analytical. An illustrative example: “Food & Coffee Catering and Distribution Company (Snack & Coffee)”.



We are looking for an adequate building that meets our needs and expectations.

Since the building regulation allows the store’s operation, we have a powerful incentive to move forward. It is necessary to communicate with the building manager so to obtain the consent from the owners’ majority. This is usually implemented by signing an official statement from the building manager.

Area’s square meter calculation is very important. Since each store consists of various spaces that occupy a certain area (e.g. workshop, product showroom, W.C., customer service area, reception, etc.), we need to make sure that the place we choose can accommodate all of our store’s needs.



The licensing process for a food store often tends to be a time-consuming and complicated procedure. Issuance requires the collection and completion of supporting official public documents and technical safety audit.



Once the above proceedings are completed, Drakoulakis shop fittings will guide your next steps. Since 1974, D. DRAKOULAKIS industry has been successfully collaborating with 10.000 customers worldwide, undertaking the design, manufacture and installation of professional catering equipment (cafe, restaurants, pastry shops, bakeries, 5 star- hotels).

Drakoulakis shop fittings constructs functional custom made products and advises you the proper solutions for your space to become attractive to visitors thus contributes to your business prosperity.

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