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June 19, 2020

New bakery-patisserie “LEMONIS”

“Lemonis bakery’’ store at Chanioti in Chalkidiki, is fully reconstructed by D. DRAKOULAKIS S.A. industry. The design project was made by the architect Mr. Nikolaos Mikos, proposing ideal solutions for the specific space. D. DRAKOULAKIS S.A. manufactured and installed special techniques in the store with wood paneling and metal elements. The two-level showcases (Gourmet Line model) with integrated led lighting as well as professional ice cream display cabinets promote the products in the best way. The coffee station is placed in a special position so the customers have better acces. The special decorative elements give a unique character to this impressive place, while the excellent baked goods and sweets have already gained the impressions of consumers! 😍👌

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