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We exceed your expectations and in the design a construction of your valuable patisserie
We undertake to create the most lavish and inspiring atmosphere in your shop. From the design , to the selection of the appropriate equipment , and the modification of our patented food product displays, we can make your customers’ appetite stronger.


We undertake each project’s analysis and we adapt it to your own needs. We design and construct stylish shop fittings in order to ensure the best presentation of your products and gain your customers’ appreciation.

Hotel Food Halls

We create unique, high quality,  multi-functional buffet και bar systems, tailored to the specific hotel brand. Our field experience recommends us  as  a very well geared shop fittings specialist  with an unfailing decorative criterion, that preserves our rapidly expanding reputation in the hospitality sector worldwide.

Coffee & Snacks

We renovate coffee and snack bars that offer a sense of intimacy and relaxation. Our basic principle is that your customers want to come back to their favorite place at every chance.

Nuts and Berries

We create nuts and berries stores that justify functionality and security requirements and at the same time  agree with consumers’ perception.

Multi-purpose Food Hall Facilities

We are very experienced to  bring out the best of the customer business concept. That is what makes Drakoulakis an ideal external contractor that can master diversity and originality at one go.

Specialisation and know- how

The roadmap for business excellence

Multiannual Experience & Specialization

Our expertise in design and implementation of multipurpose food hall facilities is the most important asset over competition. We respect customer’s needs and we know how to upgrade your space so to be more functional and attractive.

Awards- Accreditations

The Awards we have been granted todate signify the value of our customer centric business model.We get better only to be able to create an unforgettable business venture with you.

Reliable Department of Sales Support

The sales support department of our company is a pioneer in the Greek market, while in the last decade, it has supported markets worldwide. Our key priorities are quick feedback, service and credibility.

2 year Guarantee

Our high level communication provides the most suitable background for us to enhance the customer after sales satisfaction. In this context, we give our customers a 2-year guarantee for all the parts of the project we have produced on your behalf.
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