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We make your vision come true with high aesthetics and ergonomy.
Some of our clients: Konstantinides, Kosmikon, Sweet Alchemy by Stelios Parliaros, Passarella, Paloglou, Gioulis, Aktaion, Zuccherino, Tsirou, Pastry shop, Pralina, Fauchon Paris, New York Sweets, Melosa, La Kiwi, Aani & Dani Chocolatier


We create spaces using high quality showcases and equipment according to your needs, following the latest trends and styles of the market.
Some of our clients: Sovolos, Sifounas, Kritikos, Kalleas, Thanasis, Attica, Grande Mylonas, French Workshop, Theophilos, Calafatas, Aryaf, Phaedon, Stergiou, Venetis

Hotel Food Halls

Complete solutions based on a high aesthetics.

Some of our clients: Grande Bretagne, Hilton

Multi-purpose Food Hall Facilities

Where care meets functionality.

Some of our clients:  Athens International Airport “El. Venizelos”, AB Vasilopoulos

Coffee & Snacks

The sweet meeting point for comfort and relaxation!
We understand your needs, adhere to the construction schedule and offer quality control equipment in best prices are just some of the elements that give to our services the competitive advantage.
Some of our clients: Just Made 33, Zakas, Grigoris Mikrogeumata, Sot Dag, Serano Café, Nostos Café, Cinnabon, Draft Café

Nuts and Berries

High quality spaces that create emotions and give the space identity.

Some of our clients: Chasioti, 1001 Tastes

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