The circle of trust

Multiannual Experience & Specialization

Our long term presence in construction has given us the privilege of specialization. We collaborate with leading professionals in their sector and we know exactly how to level up your business. With over 10.000 customers worldwide, including prominent bakeries, pastry shops, cafes, bars, hotels, restaurants and cruise ships, we have the expertise to understand and fulfill your needs.
Our primary goal is to establish satisfied customers through the specialization and continuous improvement of D. DRAKOULAKIS S.A.

Reliable Department of Sales Support

Our sales group consists of qualified and expertise professionals with extensive experience. It is important for us to build long term relationships. The credibility of our Sales Support department leads your company to success.

2 year Guarantee

All our products have two years warranty and we offer the proper solution to any problems that may arise. Our philosophy is to serve our customers in the best way at any time they need so.

Awards- Accreditations

Our industry achieved a variety of awards and distinctions over the years which is the certification of successful cooperation with our clients. We always strive to be better and create success stories for you. D. DRAKOULAKIS is recognized by ICAP Group as one of the “Strongest Companies in Greece” and has received a number of important honors and certifications that highlight the company’s role worldwide.
We make progress in the construction of catering equipment, contributing to the growth and extroversion of the Greek market and economy.

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