Company's Presentation

D. DRAKOULAKIS S.A. is an industry that since 1974 has been active in the designing and manufacturing of catering areas. With 120 employees and over 10.000 clients worldwide, the plant creates outfitting user-friendly spaces. Bakeries, pastry shops, café-bars, hotels, restaurants and cruise ships are among the successful cooperation.

D. DRAKOULAKIS S.A undertakes all aspects relating to the creation of such amenities, from initial design to installation and always proposing the optimal solution to every possible need. Adhering to the most stringent European quality standards, Drakoulakis focuses on the satisfaction of the each customer.

That’s the reasons why, the industry has a vertically integrated production in contemporary, privately owned facilities of 15.500 m2, where autonomous and highly specialized units of metal, wood and glass operate, so that all materials are processed in a controlled and safe manner. Moreover, there is a large assembly area for the different specialties to work together effectively and to coordinate in the best way.

The industry has established “Quality Management System” according to the requirements of international standard ΙSO 9001. TUV AUSTRIA certification justifies the successful application of the system that focus on customers’ satisfaction. The company’s products are CE approved due to the National and Community Law.

Additionally, D. DRAKOULAKIS S.A. is assessed by ICAP Group as one of the Strongest Companies in Greece. The “Strongest Companies in Greece” is a community of enterprises that are ranked at the highest Rating Score of ICAP Group which is recognized by the Bank of Greece as an External Credit Assessment Institution and by the European Central Bank as an Accepted Rating Tool Source.

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