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Our vision is to maintain the leadership of D. DRAKOULAKIS S.A. in the field of designing stores, spaces and manufacturing mass catering equipment and its technical support, while at the same time verifying our brand with premium quality products.

In order to achieve our visual modality and ensure its most effective implementation, we set as our priority the adoption of the following business values:

  • Keeping track of our customers’ needs and technology developments in industry’s production.
  • Emphasis on the architectural and decorative design of the space, so that the result meets the expectations of the client.
  • Renewal of productive infrastructure, aiming at continuous improvement and pioneering in our working methods.
  • Distribution and use of high quality materials and products.
  • Continuous compliance with the requirements of European and Greek law, as well as standard specifications.
  • Maintaining and continuously improving the efficiency of the applied Quality Management System.

The adoption of the above principles is facilitated and achieved by:

  1. adhering to the final cooperation agreement and providing alternatives to emergency cases that may arise during the project,
  2. responding promptly to customer requests by investigating the reasons that cause them,
  3. confirming the control and assurance of the highest quality characteristics of the products,
  4. investigating the causes of rejected cooperation offers,
  5. engaging the personnel in the corporate agenda and targeting.


Andreas Lykouras

Managing Partner

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